Product Comparison

Here is a comparison of our two Driving Route websites:

Feature Driving Route Planner Driving Route Optimizer
Maximum Number of Stops per Route in Free Version 3 6
Maximum Number of Stops per Route in Paid Version 25 or 50 23
Number of Routes Provided several including fastest, shortest, as entered 1 - most optimal
One-Time Registration/Setup Fees $49/USD $5/USD
Basic Monthly Fees $9.99/USD for 25 stop version; $19.99/USD for 50 stop version $9.99/USD includes 999 stops
Additional Monthly Fees only if Google API usage exceeds $200/USD - charged directly by Google to your Google Account which must be set up $0.01/USD per stop in excess of 999
Billing Period Monthly Fees are charged at the BEGINNING of the month and are payable even for months when there is no usage. Monthly Fees are computed at the END of the month and charged in the first week of the following month. Monthly fees are waived if there is no usage during the month.
Address Lookup When verifying addresses, the detailed address is shown. When verifying addresses, only the city is shown, not the detailed address.
Computation Times Slower - especially with 50 stop version, computations can take several minutes. Faster - optimal route is generally calculated within seconds
Route Restrictions Not available can Avoid Tolls, Highways and/or Ferries
Printable Map is dynamic and uses numbered stops is static and uses letters to mark the stops
Ability to Specify a Starting Time YES YES
Ability to Set Stopover Durations YES YES
Advanced Version YES - allows placeholders in addresses to be substituted for city names, etc. NO
Dedicated URL for each Client YES - users login to a unique dedicated website that is password protected for your usage only. NO - all users login via Google account to same website
Multiple Users Allowed? YES NO - first user session will be terminated when a second user session is detected.